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Priv.-Doz. DDr. Albrecht specialises in the treatment of knee pain and cartilage damage caused by injury, wear and tear or malposition. In combination with his high level of scientific activity, this specialisation ensures treatment at the cutting edge of medicine in this field. The offer includes both conservative and surgical treatments.




Conservative services:


Operational services:

  • Minimally invasive/arthroscopic surgery for a meniscus tear (partial meniscus removal, meniscus suture)
  • Minimally invasive/arthroscopic operations for a cruciate ligament tear (cruciate ligament replacement, cruciate ligament refixation)
  • Minimally invasive/arthroscopic surgery for cartilage defects (microfracturing, bone-cartilage transplantation, cartilage cell transplantation, cell-free matrix transplantation)
  • Artificial joint replacement for arthrosis (knee prosthesis)
  • Corrective surgery of leg axis malpositions (realignment osteotomy)
  • Operations for patellar luxation (MPFL reconstruction, tuberosity dislocation, trochleaplasty, adjustment osteotomy)
  • Surgical removal of a Baker's cyst
  • Surgical bursa removal